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St. Francis House is hidden within 26 acres of nature's most peaceful and beautiful landscape on the outskirts of Madoc Ontario. Rolling hills of wild flowers, walking trails through the cedars, a quiet stream to rest beside, the prayer garden, bright sunshine and starry nights fill each visitor with serene peace. One of the visitors, who experienced a "retreat" in the prayer cabin at St. Francis House, shared their restful experience of peace in a poem...

"shhhh God is calling
Come away and rest for a while
To heal and transform, LOVE awaits
Come, listen to the stillness of silence
and you will know that I am your loving God"
Sister Claire Hamelin f.m.m. (November 2001)

A young boy visiting St. Francis House expressed simply that, "This is a good place to talk to God". (July 2006)
St. Francis House and the surrounding property is used by the San Damiano Foundation in the following ways:

I - The San Damiano Foundation has an established headquarters & training center in the main St. Francis House.

II - The property surrounding St. Francis House provides an excellent location for day visits, retreats, youth rallies, and group picnics.

III - A special "Stations for the Nations" journey has been established to provide participants with the opportunity to pray for 7 continents using 14 prayer stations. This mapped out path is a powerful way to reflect and pray for social justice in the world today.

IV - Our Lady of the Cross prayer cabin is a pleasantly quiet refuge place available for those seeking time to think, pray, and find peace within their lives. This little hermitage is located in a small and separate garden on the St. Francis House property. This little place for prayer is available at no charge to those in need.

V - MONKFEST is an annual Music Festival Retreat for Youth, usually held on the last weekend of May within the fields St. Francis House property. This event which fosters a Christian atmosphere has effectively had a positive impact on well over 600 people in the art form of Music for the past four consecutive years.
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